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We're specifically interested in...

Crop Management Robots

Specifically robots for seeding crops using precision technologies like GPS, monitoring crop health via drones/sensors, precision fertilising/spraying, and intelligent weeding using micro-dosing herbicides, mechanical tools or even lasers.

Harvesting Robots

Specifically harvesting robots that utilise machine vision, deep learning models, robotic arms with soft grippers to locate, identify ripeness, and selectively harvest fruits and vegetables without damaging them.
It gets interesting when handling variations, operating in unstructured environments, grasping fragile produce, and achieving human-level picking speeds & accuracy.

Post-Harvest Robots

Specifically post-harvest robots automating the handling of fresh produce by grading, sorting, packing and palletising using robotic manipulation. This also includes autonomous mobile robots with environmental sensors that monitor quality and enable actions like rerouting affected stock.

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