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Dedicated to robotics software.

Control Software.

Designing, testing, & maintaining control software for robots.
Perception & Navigation.

Creating algorithms for robot interaction with the environment.
Machine Learning & AI.

Developing robot systems with learning capabilities.

Robots, robots and more robots.

Logistics robots for warehouses, manufacturing plants and more.  

We're interested in supporting clients that are developing logistics robots, including:

✔️AGVs and AMRs that autonomously transport materials and inventory to target destinations.
✔️Goods-to-Person Picking Robots and Automated Inventory Robots that streamline operations, delivering items to workers and autonomously navigating to optimize efficiency.

Farming robots for planting, fertilizing, spraying & harvesting.

We're interested in supporting clients that are advancing agricultural robotics, including:

✔️Harvesting Robots that autonomously pick crops using sensors and cameras, reducing manual labor. ✔️Autonomous Tractors used for planting and fertilizing without human intervention.
✔️Crop Monitoring Robots, which use sensors for data-driven decisions.
✔️Greenhouse Robots that automate planting and maintenance, boosting efficiency and minimizing pesticide use.

Healthcare robots for logistics, patient care, cleaning and more.

We're interested in supporting clients that are creating innovative healthcare robots, including:

Autonomous mobile robots that improve efficiency and patient care. This could include but not be limited to patient care, supporting clinical tasks like telemedicine rounds, inventory transportation, operating in restricted zones and more.

Unmanned aerial vehicles for inspection, surveillance and more.

We're interested in supporting clients that are designing UAVs, including:

✔️Search and rescue drones with infrared and thermal sensors to locate individuals in challenging terrains and deliver supplies to disaster zones.
✔️UAVs for inspection purposes including powerlines, wind turbines, oil pipelines and more.
✔️UAVs or drones to assist in pest control, plant health, livestock management, and soil analysis.

Consumer robots for deliveries, cleaning, mowing lawns & more.

We're interested in supporting clients that are designing UAVs, including:

✔️Delivery Robots, including drones and compact vehicles to deliver food, groceries, and packages.
✔️Hospitality robots that enhance service by delivering food in restaurants, cleaning hotel floors, and making room deliveries.
✔️Consumer Service Robots in retail and public spaces that offer information, guidance, and assistance.