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We help companies in the autonomous and mobile robotic space find game changing talent.


What We Do

We help companies attract high performing computer vision, machine learning and embedded software talent to develop a whole range of autonomous applications.

Cleaning Robots


Agricultural Vehicles


Cars, Buses & Trucks


Passenger Aircraft


Delivery Systems


Marine Vessels

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Warehouse Automation

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Medical Robots

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How We Do It



When you partner with Oscar Harrington, we will follow the 4-3-2-1 process to keep things simple and focused.

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4 Weeks

In 4 weeks, we will run a complete marketplace search covering both active and passive candidates.  We will build target lists, make initial contact and qualify suitable candidates.

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Shortlist of 3

We will narrow down our longlist and provide a minimum of 3 shortlisted candidates for you to review and assess.

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2 Interviews

We are confident that you will want to interview at least 2 of the 3 profiles submitted for review.

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1 Successful Hire

You will hire 1 of the 2 interviewed candidates.  In some cases, clients have hired both.



Who is Oscar Harrington?

Oscar Harrington is a family run business founded in 2013, with a mission of providing people with the tools to grow their dream companies and land their dream jobs. 

Our services are split into two streams:

  1. Support companies full hiring cycle including marketing of roles, inbound application screening (& response), and passive candidate hunting. 

  2. Teach job-hunters how to re-ignite their true passion, utilise LinkedIn, master the application process from beginning to end and ultimately land their dream role. This is managed through our sister company "Own It With Gabi". 

What makes Oscar Harrington different?

  • We are specialists within our field so we speak your language. This means we understand your requirements thus resulting in us not only being able to find candidates that truly meet your brief but also speak to them to articulate the requirements set-out by the company. 

  • We deleted commission being paid to consultants. This moved the process away from being transactional and ensures every Client and Candidate gets treated the same.  

  • We removed CV sending targets. This is an outdated approach and often results in your inbox being flooded with inappropriate CV's. By following the 4-3-2-1 methodology, we focus on ensuring you receive quality over quantity.

  • We do not take on every Client. Many companies will take on every client that walks through their front door but at Oscar Harrington we only take on the work we have capacity to support. This means we can give every Client the VIP treatment and no one is forgotten.


Who are the faces behind Oscar Harrington?


Gabi Preston-Phypers, Co-Owner

  • LinkedIn

I love working with people and empowering them to get in the driving seat of their lives. No one should ever be a passenger in their life journey. 

From a very young age, I wanted to make a difference but it was not clear in my mind what that would look like until much later in my career. 

My career started in Banking. I knew when I started this journey that I wanted to work from back office to front office, so that when I got to a senior management position I could make informed changes based on real-life experience. Between 2010 - 2017, I achieved exactly that. During this time I obtained a wealth of knowledge about my industry, operational processes, the power of data, relationship management, selling and politics. 

When life gets comfortable, I push myself outside my comfort zone. In October 2017, I handed in my notice and started a new journey into the world of start-ups. Very quickly I realised that something was missing, I wasn’t able to influence change. It was time to get in the driving seat.

In 2020 I finally agreed to join the family business, after many years of being asked. This move changed my life.


The penny dropped, this is how I would make a difference. My mission was clear ... to inspire and educate people on how to be in the driving seat of their future.


Mitch Preston-Phypers, Founder

  • LinkedIn

I founded Oscar Harrington in 2013 with two main objectives:


1) Help people find their dream jobs.

2) Work with companies that develop incredible technologies.

The mission was successful :).

Over a 10 year span, I have worked with tech companies ranging from 8 people up to 140,000 people.  I have helped companies identify top talent from Graduate level up to Senior Leadership team members.

It might sound a little geeky, but my recruitment sweet spots are Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Embedded Software/Hardware, Systems & Functional Safety.

I have to say that my favourite part of being in recruitment is being the one that gets to call a candidate with their dream job offer.  Hearing the excitement of that individual is just an awesome feeling.

Some would describe me as a little "over-enthusiastic", full of ideas (some helpful, some useless, and some a little crazy) and one that likes to "high five" (well "air high-fiving" now, thanks COVID-19!).

I am very lucky to have an incredible wife (& business partner) called Gabi, a beautiful little girl called Phoebe, and a happy fluffy dog called Jasper.  My family are my everything.

What do our customers think?

Diana Kofman,

Director, Talent Acquisition

I had the pleasure of working with Mitch and his team at Oscar Harrington this past year and I can truly say he is the best in his field. Most importantly, he really tried to learn and understand our company culture thereby effectively suggesting top notch candidates that match very closely not only in background expertise but also in terms of culture fit.

Albert Roc,

Global Director of Electric Powertrain Engineering

I am not prone to write good reviews for people doing their job well, but the support we got is heads above what I had experienced in more than 10 years building R&D teams, so I felt an exception was justified. 

Linston Benatti, 

Technical Support Engineer

All recruitment companies have the same goal but this one is different. Their differential is the human feeling. Undoubtedly, the most human support I've ever seen.


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