Find Talent

Partner with a Specialist in Autonomous Technology and you’ll get a Recruiter who:

1. Understands Your Requirements
By really listening and asking targeted questions that other recruiters don’t, we’ll focus in on what you need.
2. Sends you Quality People
You’ll get pinpoint CV accuracy and Technical Specialists who’ve been properly assessed. You’ll only interview people who are a potential fit.
3. Clarifies Your Job Value Proposition
Clarify your message so it resonates deeply with Technical Specialists and builds your brand in the Engineering Community.

Our 4 Step Hiring System

Hiring Strategy​

Create Hiring Strategy Blueprint and Identify your Job Value Proposition.

You’ll be clear about your job’s most appealing characteristics and how to attract the best talent.

Full Market Search

Map out the entire Talent pool in your region or sector.

You’ll know you’re getting the best people, instead of wondering if these are just the first people the recruiter has stumbled upon.

Attract & Engage

Power Positioning of your job to attract people you’d otherwise miss out on.

Advanced Recruitment marketing strategies and Digital campaigns that engage high-performers.

Assess & Put Forward

Delivers only High-Performing Engineering Experts for you to interview.

You’ll hire the calibre of person you had in mind all along.

Our Service Offerings

Exclusive Permanent Hire Recruitment

Invoiced Upon Success
Hiring Strategy Blueprint Designed
Complete Market Search
Compelling Job Advert Created
Engaging Client Brochure Created
3 Month Replacement Guarantee

Retained Permanent Hire Recruitment

Upfront Deposit
Hiring Strategy Blueprint Designed
Complete Market Search
Professionally Written Advert
Engaging Client Brochure Created
4 Month Replacement Guarantee
Fixed Fee
Your Job Gets Priority Status

Contractor / Freelancer Recruitment

20% Mark-Up Fee
Complete Market Search
Compelling Advert Crafted
Fast Delivery

Our Guarantee. Your Protection.

If you recruit an Engineering Specialist (permanent hire) from us who is unsuitable or leaves within 4 months we will replace them for free. 

Take Action Now

1. Book a 15 minute Discovery Call

A short call so we can both get a feel for whether or not we are a potential fit. We promise not to sell to you.

2. Hiring Strategy Session

We meet for one hour by web conference or in person to develop a Hiring Strategy Blueprint and start creating a compelling message.

3. Execute the Strategy


We partner and find you High-Performing Engineering Experts.

Book a Free 15 Minute Discovery Call 

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