Have you got a virtual interview coming up?

We’ve had no choice but to adapt to video calls, and they’re feeling more and more natural as time goes on.

As a job seeker though, interviews are nerve-wracking enough as it is without worrying about a dodgy internet connection or BBC News live TV-style faux pas…

👉 Position yourself in good lighting with a good angle. No one wants to look up your nostrils.

👉 If you live with other people, tell them about your interview to avoid being interrupted. Turn your phone off and close all your tabs on your computer to avoid notifications.

👉 Log on to the meeting beforehand to test the tech. Give yourself 10 minutes to prep in case of any difficulties.

All of our clients are video interviewing at the moment, so I’m more than happy to share more tips and advice.

Drop me a message if you’ve got an interview coming up, and let’s jump on a video call to get you prepped 👍