We all hit intersections in our career where we stop and question the road we are currently travelling on.

This intersection in your life can feel overwhelming as you begin to assess the impact of your career across your entire life both professionally and personally.

The first big question I have for you is … when you stand outside your office do you find yourself dancing into work or wish you can turn around and run?

If you are dancing into work then you keep busting out those moves. If you are the person practising their running skills, in the opposite direction to the office, then it is time to dig deep into the drivers for this reaction.

Here is my confession to you ...I was a secret runner for years.

Why did I stay? Fear, mostly around what others would think and whether I was giving up too quickly. I had forgotten to think about the consequence of staying in a toxic environment and had no idea how to determine the right move for me.

I want to share with you today the process I now coach people to use when assessing their next move and moving their worlds to a life of wearing their best dancing shoes everyday.

Step 1: Go back to basics.

Grab a piece of A4 paper and a pen.

Draw three equal columns and label them need, tolerate and avoid.

This will now provide the framework for you to assess what you need from a job, what you will tolerate from a job and what you need to avoid from a job.

Step 2: Sit in a quiet place and start filling out each column.

If you need more than one page, then go for it. It is important you go into as much detail as possible. Consider answers from a personal and professional perspective, as those two worlds need to live in harmony.

WARNING: This document does not need anyone else’s input! This is all about YOU and only YOU!

Step 3: Time to assess your moves

Use the form completed in the section above to assess your existing role and any future opportunities. If anything falls into the AVOID column then keep those running shoes on.

Is it not more complicated than that? No! If you have really spent time doing step 2 then it is the simplest exercise in the world.


You will read numerous articles that will give you a shopping list of “signs” but that does not help give you the tools to assess and make change. Do not over complicate the situation. Just be clear on your boundaries.

Lets hang those running shoes up together and bring out those shiny new dance shoes!