Do you dress like yourself at work? 🕺

I rock up every day with a messy bun, wearing leggings and a gym top, with rogue baby sick somewhere on my body. And THE BIGGEST SMILE ON MY FACE because I feel happy, comfortable and capable of absolutely smashing my workload that day.

It feels like donkeys years ago that I had a corporate wardrobe. Heels, skirts and dainty earrings every day. Not to mention the comments that came with it. 🤮

So many of us are working at home these days, so tell me…

👚 Do you wear different clothes during ‘work time’ as opposed to free time at home?

👕 Do you dress a certain way for video calls?

👚 What kind of outfits do you feel most productive in, or does it not matter to you?

#culture #remoteworking #etiquette