I once had a manager who refused to pay my wages that month. Cashflow was a problem and they asked to pay me the following month instead.

I agreed – I was a bit naïve back then.

The next month came. They didn’t have the money to pay me again. They asked if they could pay me in instalments. I had a mortgage to pay, and a new-born baby. I needed to keep this job so I felt stuck.

😫 What would you do?

…Ok so confession, this didn’t happen. (sorry for the cliché clickbait linkedin story).

BUT it’s an analogy for when you don’t pay your suppliers on time!! How is it any different to paying an employee?? Why are we, as suppliers, constantly in battles with clients over payment?

Since running my own business, I’ve been very fortunate with the people I work with. And after experiencing EXHAUSTING payment issues in the past, I make sure to always pay my suppliers on time.

It’s called RESPECT!! 💅

How do you make sure you get paid on time without screaming Aretha Franklin lyrics?

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