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First Recruiting Role
September 2010
Mitch recruited electronics & software engineers for automotive projects incl. electrification and autonomous systems.

Within 12 months, Mitch broke the internal billing record for any previous grad hire.

A few months later, he won the REC's "Best Newcomer of the Year" industry award.
Founded Oscar Harrington
March 2013
A recruiting business initially dedicated to engineering projects which later specialised in Mobile Robotics.

Mitch is fascinated by all things robotics and is super focused in his niche.

Looking to land a robotics? Whether it's control sw, computer vision sw, SLAM, electronics, mechanical... he's got you covered.
Co-Founded TUR
September 2020
The family dream team; Mitch and his wife Gabi identified a problem in the sourcing process. Tooled Up Raccoons was born.

A sourcing platform helping recruiters scale their sourcing capabilities using our AI powered research tools & features.

Mitch also gains exclusive access to all prototypes of future feature releases.

Why Mitch?

Detail Orientated.

Ever spoken to a recruiter who doesn't know the answers to any of your questions?

We're not saying that Mitch is perfect, but he aims to be able to answer 90% of your questions.

There may be some information that he can't share under NDA.
Niche Focus.

Mitch is hyper-focused in the area of robotics with a specific interest in autonomous mobile robots.

Looking for projects with logistical robots, delivery robots, healthcare robots, or agricultural robots, Mitch is here to keep his ear to the ground on your behalf.
Software Experience.

At Tooled Up Raccoons, Mitch is deeply involved in software feature designs, UI/UX, documentation, and more.

It may not be robotics software but it certainly gives him an appreciation for some of the challenges you face daily.

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